POP Peeper Download

Owing multiple e-mail accounts and keeping track of what you are receiving can be a daunting task.

POP Peeper is a simple to use email notifier that sits silently in the Windows taskbar, and informs you when you received a new email. It features uncluttered and intuitive interface. It supports all of the most popular email services such as Windows LiveMail, Yahoo, GMail, Mail.com, MyWay, Excite, Lycos.com, and RediffMail. What makes it even more attractive.

It empowers users with the ability to send emails directly from POP Peeper and even allows access to the address book. However, it doesn't provide any spam filters, so it can only be used as an email notifier. You can view the messages in HTML or in plain text.

Another amazing feature, lets you drop some additional plugins, such as WebMail, SendMail, IMAP and SSL. You can set the app to run at a system startup.

A nice thing is that the user can add a sound or assign a color to each configured accounts, what makes things even easier. What is more, it enables you to see the addressee as well as what the subject line is. To access your email, just double click on the tray icon. Last but not least, it can be password protected what ensures better security.

Although it doesn't offer total control over your e-mail accounts, it is a decent application with user friendly approach that will help you manage multiple e-mail accounts.