Take-Away USB Flashdisk Encryption Download

Selfcontained filencryption for USB flashdisks or other removable media. No installation needed. Just copy the program to your flashdisk and use it on any Windows 2000 or Windows XP computers. Very handy if you always carry your flashdisk with you. No more worry about the files getting into the wrong hands if you should misplace it. Features: - Strong Blowfish encryption. - No installation. Just copy the program to your flashdisk and run it. - Works with any type of removable media, like USB flashdisks, floppys, Zipdisks, Jazdisks and CD (RW). - Automatically detect the name of your USB flashdisk. - Securely deletes files to avoid recovery/undelete software finding it. - You select the password. No backdoors. (if you forget the password, the data is lost for good). - Encrypt/Decrypt multiple files and folders in one go! - Encrypt any filetype including Word, Excel and Pictures. - Familiar Windows explorer interface. - Works on any filesystem FAT/FAT32/NTFS.