Dekart Private Disk Download

Private Disk is hard disk encryption software with unique features, combining strong NIST-certified AES 256-bit encryption with a simple and straightforward interface.

This disk encryption program creates multiple encrypted disks for storage of confidential information. Encrypted disks behave like regular disks, your programs can use them in a usual way, there is no need to reconfigure them.

Automatic data encryption is transparent: files are encrypted on the fly when they are written to the encrypted disk, and decrypted when read from it.

Access to the encrypted disk is monitored by Disk Firewall, a unique data protection mechanism that guards your data from Trojans, viruses or other types of malware. Disk Firewall controls which applications are allowed to access the encrypted disk. If a specific application is not found in the white-list, it will be unable to read or change the confidential information stored on the encrypted disk.