CSharp Code Library Download

CSharp Code Library makes it very easy to manage your source code (30 languages supported), keep your code organized, save your data in a secure encrypted database, paste your favorites code snippets quickly, synchronize rapidly changing data with your libraries

Here are some key features of "CSharp Code Library":

· Built-in library with 10,000 lines of code
· Quick and powerful search engine
· Powerful printing capability
· Password protection & strong 256 bits encryption (optional)
· User notes and attachments handling
· Favorites and rating support
· Full integration with *all* major programming IDEs
· Manage your source code and documents efficiently
· Store your documents, source code, code snippets and any other data in one central place.
· Capture text snippets, URLs, folders, application shortcuts and images that are quickly accessible via our Clipboard Extender.
· Quickly paste your frequently used code snippets, launch your favorite applications and URLs and more!
· Capture data on the fly!
· Quickly capture important data. Perfect for Internet research
· Press CAPS-Lock twice (configurable hotkey) to add data on the fly!