Fences Download

For many users the desktop is the place where everything is messed up. Sometimes, it’s even hard to find the folder you need as all items create a cluster. Therefore, Fences will help you keep your desktops organized.

Fences is an easy to use icon organizer that creates special categories for icons where you can store and categorize tools. Once you open up the program, all the items are divided into special categories, such as “Programs”, “Folders” and “Files and Documents” in order to un-clutter your workspace. The latest update offers even more new features to help you easily and quickly organize your desktop. You can customize your groups by adjusting the color and brightness to suits your needs.

The program’s interface hasn’t evolved too much. Still users are allowed to sort their files and program icons into several fences on the desktop. Among the best features about Fences is Auto-Organizer, which comes in handy when you add new files to your computer. It enables users to select which files will go directly into the fence they previously specify. The app brings an interesting feature that enables users to hide the icons on the desktop. By double clicking the desktop all the icons fade out, leaving behind a plain wallpaper. In order to bring them back, you need to double click again. There is also a possibility to create virtual desktops. The app takes advantage of host of extra utilities such as Folder Portals and Desktop Pages.

To conclude, Fences is a nice program for organizing icons, shortcuts and other documents in an easy way. It is geared toward users who are tired up with the desktop clutter. The trial period lasts 30 days and it’s enough to see if it is right for you.