Kingsoft Writer Free Download

Kingsoft Writer is an advanced software designed to enable you to create, view and edit Word documents. As part of the Kingsoft Office Suite, Kingsoft Writer is a powerful and user-friendly word processing program. It is fully compatible with all Microsoft Word, and it can process Microsoft Word files and save documents as various file formats including .doc, .docx, .txt, etc. formats that means you can easily transfer office documents between Microsoft Word and Kingsoft Writer. Moreover, it also comes packed with a number of useful features, providing for everyday needs such as creating and editing document, document decoration, inserting cliparts or pictures, creating columns and tables; to the more advanced business needs such as mail merging, cross-reference function, Equation Editor, etc.

Main features of Kingsoft Writer:

  • a rich collection of cliparts, charts, shapes and images that can be utilized during creating and editing your documents
  • a rich variety of effects, such as shading, three dimensions, and many more
  • mingling e-mail accounts allows to create many documents that have the same formatting
  • a built-in equasion editor allows to use the most popular equasions and to operate on symbols. You can also easily insert and edit equasions and symbols in your document
  • Many ways of viewing and browsing documents make editng documents incredibly easy.