Windows 7 Codec Pack Download

Windows 7 Codec Pack is a collection of the most popular  audio and video codecs,  along with a set of  filters and splitters you need to play movie and music files on your system.

Worth mentioning is the fact that Windows 7 Codec Pack allows users to choose which components you wish to deploy on the computer, in the set up process. The installation process is easy and straight forward. There are two installation modes available, easy for less experienced users and expert mode where you can choose the codecs you want to install.

Extra attention should be paid when installing Windows 7 Codec Pack, since it offers to make some changes to  the default search engine and the homepage  and install a browser toolbar.

Once the installation is completed,  select the video and  audio codecs and filters, including ffdshow, XviD Encoder and Flash FLV,  AC3Filter, LAV Audio, Lame MP3 and DivX Audio, as well as some extras.

 Windows 7 Codec Pack brings a bunch of unique features that keeps it at the fore front of codec packs : offers file associations for Windows Media Player 11, including FLAC, FLV, OGG and MKV, an easy to install option for novice users and more.

According to our tests, Windows 7 Codec Pack worked flawlessly and  opened all audio and video files, thus keeping it in good quality.

All things considered, Windows 7 Codec Pack continues to stay true to its reputation of being an effective codec pack, that can accommodate regular and advanced users alike.