AutoDWG DXF Viewer Download

AutoDWG DXF Viewer is a very fast DWG and DXF file format viewer. You can successfully use it to open and view CAD projects, as well as to print them. The program does not require AutoCAD installed on the computer. AutoDWG DXF Viewer also works with a terminal, for example with Citrix or Windows Server 2013.

You cannot use AutoDWG DXF Viewer to edit the content of projects, but it can be used to add various types of markers, etc. Simply expand the Markup menu, and then select the appropriate tool. Here you will find here a linear measure that, after drawing the line, will show the exact distance, as well as the X and Y coordinates. You can also analyze a specific area, the frames of which we will draw - then the Calculate Area option will be useful. After selecting this option, it is enough to draw an area with a line (it is useful to snap lines to the edges of design elements), and the program will automatically provide us with all information about the selected fragment.

In addition to measuring functions, we find markers that can be inserted into the project. This is a useful feature if you want to make some comments or other corrections that you would normally add manually after printing the project. We can insert lines, ellipses and rectangles. In addition, the program has the function of adding the so-called cloud with text. This is also a handy feature that allows you to enter comments. The entered comments can be moved and modified at any time. We can also print our projects together with additional information that we included in the project.