Free Keylogger Download

 When talking about spying on someone, it is difficult to define firmly whether it is good or bad. There are always two sides to every story. For example, spying on someone for stealing their data is unethical, but monitoring your kids’ online activities turns out to be extremely helpful. All parents want to protect their children from explicit and violent content available on the internet these days.

 If you are looking for a reliable tool that could help you keep an eye on your children’s computer activity, then look no further than Free Keylogger. This is a tiny tool designed to log a computer user’s keystrokes. True to its name, it’s a free keylogging app. The application is also quite useful for business owners, as there’s nothing worse than personnel who wastes time surfing Facebook.

 Unbeknown to the users, the program tracks and monitors nearly all information entered through the computer’s keyboard and Net surfing on someone’s PC. To run the app, one needs to install Free Keylogger on someone else’s computer. Of course, you should take into account ethical and legal issues involved when you track other’s people computer usage.

Free Keylogger comes with nicely designed interface, packed with lots of controls and functions. Some of these options include embedded calendar for quick reports, Startup and Invisibility settings, and Used Tools. The latter offers check boxes for selecting keystroke logging. There is also a Web navigation monitoring and the ability to scan clipboards. The program logs information regarding computer activity and creates special reports, which you can view at any time from its interface. You can also get rid of reports if you like. Users could let the program enter the hidden mode, by pressing special hotkey. There is no Help file provided but using the app with is a piece of cake.

All in all, Free Keystroke is a handy application designed to catch everything typed on keyboard unnoticeably.