Adblock for Chrome Download

Every day we all come across the annoying advertisements that appear while we are browsing the web. It is obviously far more comfortable to make them blocked by default rather than having to manually cross them out each time they pop-out.

AdBlock is a small yet effective Chrome extension that can help you get rid of these irritating ads. With Adblock your browser will be automatically updated with additions to the filter, letting you enjoy your browsing experience. There is no help file, but in fact you do not need any. Simple enough for beginners, while powerful users can benefit from it and explore the advanced features it has to offer. For example, you can stop blocking ads from certain sites, create custom filters, choose specific filters and subscribe to arbitrary filter lists. When the pop-up is blocked, the app turns the Adblock logo into red in the right corner of your Chrome taskbar. Owing Adblock, results in pages load faster, and you feeling less irritated. Browsing the Internet with Adblock is comfortable, all you see is the website filled with info you're searching for.