Sitoo Web Download

Sitoo Web is a state-of-the-art tools that allows you to create a complex website without you having any knowledge about programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, or any other that are connected with Internet scripts. The program has a user-friendly, easy in use editor that helps to modify the content of your side up to date and to insert your own photos and pictures. In addition, the program has been equipped with a built-in FTP client that allows to publish sites directly from Sitoo Web application's level.   

Your adventure with the program begins by starting a new project. You can either built your page from a scratch or use one of numerous drafts available in the application that are great bases for your new website. The interface is aesthetically pleasant and it presents all the features of the program in a clear, manageable manner. The authors of the program put great attention to the fact that Sitoo Web's use should not bring any problems even to amateur users.

Editing and putting information into a project takes place in pretty much the same way as you e.g. use an office suite program such as Word. You can define things such as font, style and colours on a tab, as well as insert images, create ready menus, insert tables, add hyperlinks to other sides, and many more. Sitoo Web allows to add a gallery and all the features that are inevitably bound with it, such as sliders or tabs with miniatures.

In the era of social experience, the authors didn't forget to make it possible for you to apply elements that integrate it with popular social networks. Your future guests will be therefore able to share information from the website directly on their Facebook and Twitter profiles. With Sitoo Web you can also easily add a Google map to for example show the precise location of your company.

Yet another important thing to mention is SEO optimization, namely setting a page in such a manner that it would be correctly recognized and indexed by Web search engines. For each of the sub-sites you can set proper titles and name formats as well as optimize the names of files, headings, key words, and. The program allows also to implement Google Analytics on your website - statistics about your website delivered by Google. You can also add forms, private zones, counter and a guest book.

When you launch the program for the first time you have to type in your e-mail address to receive a code for trial version. This code has to be written in the window of the program.

All in all, Sitoo Web is a perfect tool for both experienced webmasters and total newbies.

A tool for creating web pages without necessarily having any grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP languages. It allows to set up pages based on drafts, all with a user-friendly editor.