Anvi Smart Defender Download

Anvi Smart Defender has been designed with the purpose of protecting your PC from nasty viruses, spyware, and many other threats of the web.

There are five function modules included in Anvi Smart Defender such as Scan, Cloud Scan, Guard, System Optimization, and Update. The aforementioned Cloud Scan, as the name suggests scans frequently infected areas of your PC, and then if you want it uploads them to Anvi Online Cloud Server to verify them. Guard seems to be a substantial function included in this software because it constitutes real-time protection. Thanks to it, users can browse the Internet, chat, download files etc. without bothering about viruses. Regarding System Optimization, it aims primarily to speed up your computers performance. Additionally, System Optimization enables users to examine the newest malware threats.

Anvi Smart Defender features easy to use interface. When running a scan it has a fairly light touch on your computers operation. Database is updated regularly and ensures defence of your PC.
All things considered, Anvi Smart Defender is becoming increasingly popular software due to all its powerful features. It ensures users a thorough protection while leaving a minimal footprint on system resources.