Ultrasurf Download

UltraSurf is the application that enables users to scout the net anonymously and safely thanks to the encrypted tunnel. With the help of the tool you will be able to avoid the Internet censorship and get access to various websites.

Since it leaves a minimal footprint on system resources it does not contain lots of sophisticated features. Users do not need to install this application at all. While using this utility for the first time, it immediately loads Internet Explorer. This can be easily modified in the Options menu as UltraSurf is capable of working with other browsers equally good.

The user interface is simple and straightforward. It contains Home, Option, Help, Retry and Exit buttons. Plus, it makes it possible to search the Internet fast.  Ultrasurf is suitable for users who do not possess the knowledge about proxies because users do not need to assign any port numbers. In addition, users are not required tinker with features to hide their IP address. Those users who are acquainted with using proxy servers are able to change the proxy settings manually.
All in all, UltraSurf is perfect utility for those users who wish to get access to Web sites that are restricted by censorship. However, it does have some flaws like old interface design and lack of prominent and powerful features.