HJ-Split Download

HJ-Split is a free program for dividing files which allows to divide one big file into a few smaller parts. The program has also a feature that allows to merge files, to the archives you create can be later put back together easily and quickly. In the division process the program creates specially numbered files that are also supported by managers such as Total Commander.

HJ-Split is extremely easy in use thanks to its uncomplicated interface which is incredibly intuitive. Having launched the program, you will see a window which allows tou to choose what kind of an operation you would like to perform. You can choose among Split, Join, Compare, and Checksum.

The features that allow to split and join files work just the way you might have expected them to do - with a file explorer you pick up those files that you want to divide or put together, and then you confirm your decision by clicking Start button. Compare feature proves useful when you want to check, whether the file created by splitting matches in its size the original file. Checksum is also an incredibly simple process, in which a special generator will give you necessary data that you can copy and use for your own purposes.

HJ-Split can divide even the biggest files (100 GB). It provides its users with numerous options for creating recovery copies of various types of data that normally wouldn't fit onto optical discs. This way you can divide already existing archives of your recovery copies, which normally would not fit onto a single CD or DVD disc.