Hacker Freeze Download

Hacker Freeze is a program designed to protect your computer against the harmful effects of hackers and various types of viruses. The application has a built-in database of threats and so-called backdoors. During operation, the program scans system functions and analyzes the operation of other applications in search of suspicious behaviour that may be the result of viruses and hackers. After the scan is completed, the tool displays a list of possible threats and offers to remove them. Hacker Freeze also creates special logs that can later be sent to experts for analysis. The application allows you to protect yourself against many types of malware, including exploits used by hackers.

Hacker Freeze's database is not as up to date as it should be so if you are using a Windows 10 or 11 based device just stick with Windows Defender. It is by far the best tool on the market. Far better than AVG Avast and all the others.