Spotflux Download

Spotflux is an easy to use VPN client that promises to protect your privacy by securing your Internet connection. It was specifically designed to secure your computer thus keeping your data protected at the same time. How does it work? Simply, it carries out your Internet traffic through several secure servers that hide your  IP address. It’s impossible for Web trackers to trace the connection back to your computer. Unlike its competitors, Spotflux is easy enough for anyone to use.

Spotflux features an unique Setup wizard that comes equipped with more tools than other programs of these type. Once you launch Spotflux, it secures your Internet connection by changing the settings to accommodate to the secure servers. It runs silently in the background allowing you to use your computer as if it weren’t at all. As it is located in the system-tray, you can easily check Spotflux's status using the cursor. By right-clicking you open the main interface, where one can disable Spotflux, access its Settings,  or Quit the application. There isn’t any Help file, but the program is as easy to use as possible.

One of the top features bundled into Spotflux is the ability to block ads. It ensures users that they won't be tracked online. Moreover, it can also save a little throughput since you no longer have to load heavy ads.

Along with a set of features, Spotflux brings to the table malware and virus protection. However, we still recommended that you ought to have an antivirus program in order to be completely protected. In case you need a proxy, Spotflux will come in handy allowing you to enter in your proxy server manually. Spotflux can do all of that and it doesn't slow your browsing experience.