Amortization Schedule for Excel Download

Amortization Schedule for Excel is a very addition to Microsoft Excel suite that allows to create a schedule for re-paying a bank loan. After you have downloaded the file, you don't have to install it - it works just as any other traditional Excel calculation sheet document.

After downloading Amortization Schedule for Excel all you need to do is to open the program in Microsoft Excel to gain instant access to the tools that allow you to create a useful and functional schedule for re-paying your bank loan, tuition, apartment rent, etc.

Having opened the document, in the upper part you can find bookmarks concerning the percentage of interest, timing schedule and some other details regarding, for example, how often you should pay your money and for how long. To use all the features available all you need to do is to insert necessary data - in a snap you will get a complete comprehensive schedule. There are, however, unfortunately. no options for obtaining data simulataneously for two loans to, for example, compare the offer in two different banks.