HandBrake Download

HandBrake is a free tool designed to rip and convert DVDs to MP4s or MKVs to work on a number of supported devices.

The features of this software can be easily understand by both beginners and advanced individuals. There are some advanced options for more powerful users including the ability to choose the encoding method, analysis, partition type or deblocking.

The application presents itself with clean and basic interface, where users are allowed to import a DVD folder by using either the file browser or the "drag and drop" technique. Regarding HandBrake doesn't cost a dime, the application delivers satisfactory time results, surely everything depends on the file size.
There are tons of options to choose from, users can change the title and chapters, preset, define the output format destination, as well as customize settings. In addition, you can preview results, create a task list ( batch conversion is supported), import and export presets, and more.

The app uses low-to-moderate amount of system resources, while keeping quite good image and sound quality. The Help button offers an online user guide. The installation process is fast and simple. There are not any extra downloads available.

All things considered, HandBrake is a very nice open source tool for ripping DVD files to the MP4 or MKV format, which can be recommend to all kinds of users.