Power Video Cutter Download

Power Video Cutter is a tool that performs simple editing task- namely cutting. It can split video files of various formats, such as AVI, MPG, 3GP, MOV, MKV and FLV, as well, convert videos from one format to another. If you need to cut down a certain video, or just cut out a part of a file, then Power Video Cutter is the right choice.

The user interface of the application is nicely organized and intuitive. Large buttons makes it easier to navigate through its features. First-time users might need to take some time to learn about the app, but later they will discover that working with it is a piece of cake.

To start the procedure, add a file, define the destination folder and profile, mark the starting and ending point while watching the video, and start the cutting process. There are several output profiles to choose from, ranging from iPod ready formats, to Xbox 360 or Sony PSP set ups.

It brings to the table several configuration options. Some of these great options include convert with subtitle, disable audio, change bitrate, sample rate and channels, size and aspect ratio. There is also a small window for previewing images.

The program is not resource hungry, provides a comprehensive help file and completes a task in reasonable time. While keeping the image and sound in good quality.
If you are looking for an app that will convert files or cut out its parts, then look no further, Power Video Cutter does its job perfectly.