Free Movie DVD Maker Download

Free Movie DVD Maker is the program that enables users to burn first-rate DVDs from movie clips. It supports a wide array of video formats and DVD output types such as HD DVDs up to 1080p in resolution.
Best of all, is Free Movie DVD Maker interface which is easy to work with. The program offers a Help file which have sections designed especially for beginner users and for advanced ones.

The software comes with a variety of features. It supports drag and drop method which eases adding files to be burned. Users can change the playback order by moving clips to the place they want. Plus, they can easily switch between Detail and Thumbnails views. A sidebar placed on the right of the main view is tabbed for Settings, Advanced, and DVD Menu. Settings involve burner, zoom mode, and TV format (NTSC or PAL). Advanced option allows users to further modify their settings. Finally, DVD Menu contains options like fonts and buttons. Moreover, users do not need to burn added files instantly, they can save them and burn later. The time of burning is dependent on the system resources of your PC. What is also worth mentioning is the fact that burned DVD is compatible with any DVD player.
All things considered, Free Movie DVD Maker is practical tool to burn DVDs that will meet the requirements of various user types.