Free Mouse Auto Clicker Download

Have you ever got frustrated with the mouse clicks, for example, while refreshing the pages, scrolling text, switching sides, etc.? It seems that it's just pressing a button, but repetitive clicking can be really tiresome. Fortunately, Free Mouse Auto Clicker comes in handy.

Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a very simple tool, which main aim is to click the mouse in the specific period of time. We can set up a single or double-clicking at intervals ranging from several hours to a few seconds - all depends on individual needs.

The program runs silently- integrates seamlessly and sits silently in the System Tray, so it is always at hand. All the processes can be started and stopped from the interface. The program’s interface is quite simple and clear, so that even novice users will not have any problems with setting personal preferences.

In the free version you can set the intervals between the clicks in hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds. What is more, users are allowed to select the actions the app should perform. Unfortunately, the program Free Mouse Auto Clicker allows you to set just right click or left click - it is impossible to activate middle clicks on three-button mice. In addition it supports hotkeys. And on top of this, it is quite light on the computer’s resources.

Due to its intuitive interface and ease of use,  Free Mouse Auto Clicker is a handy tool that is aimed at the casual consumer crowd.