Auto Clicker by Shocker Download

Auto Clicker by Shocker is a freeware that pretends clicking of your mouse buttons at certain selected intervals.
The program provides users with various clicking possibilities like choosing single or double clicks performed by left, middle, or right mouse buttons. The user interface of Auto Clicker is very simple and small.

It has three File Menu entries, together with three main buttons to start and finish clicking as well as the button used to open an Online Support page. The Options menu lets users to access Click, Group, and Settings. Opening Clicking Options enable users to set Mouse. Another feature called Freeze prevents cursor from moving while clicking. Group/Interval allows for setting the Autostop feature, which finishes clicking after established number of clicks, or after intervals. Plus, the View Setting tool gives a opportunity to set Auto Clicker to hide when it is clicking, or appear when it ceases to click.
All things considered, Auto Clicker is a an expert when it comes to emulate mouse clicking.