Instant File Opener Download

Instant File Opener is a program that you can use to automate simple tasks performed on a Windows computer. For example, you can automate things like:

  • The automatic activation of several programs
  • The opening of pages and documents with one click or when the operating system is started. A
  • Automate simple tasks of opening multiple files or programs at the same time.

If you are someone who generally starts off their day doing the exact same thing. Opening a browser, Excel, email, etc. Instant File Opener will allow you to automate the process so that everything opens and is ready for you to start whatever task you have configured the automation process for. Typically, the process of opening everything up takes a few minutes. The Instant File Opener program will allow us to open many programs automatically - during this time we can do something else. The program interface is very simple and intuitive - just create a list of programs and elements to be automatically opened. After creating and saving the list of programs, we set the option to start with the system startup. Instant File Opener is the perfect program for people who run the same programs, websites, and documents every day.