Copernic Desktop Search Download

Copernic Desktop Search Home allows users to instantly find files, music , documents ,e-mails, and e-mail attachments located anywhere on their PC's hard drive. The software is able to find Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, and other multimedia, etc.

When talking about performance, memory foot print is very low and valuable computer resources are barely touched, while ensuring the best search experience. Regarding privacy and security, user’s personal information is never sent back to Copernic. The tool creates an initial index of your hard drive, offering an attractive and user-friendly interface that displays results immediately, as soon as you type in your keyword. It provides refining fields for each desktop search category, image thumbnails for picture matches, integrated preview of preview Web pages, text files, e-mails and pictures for selected results. In addition, it lets users index web surfing history, along with Contacts and Favorites, if they wish. It is a smart application that works silently so as not to interfere your work while you are using other programs.

Copernic Desktop Search is addressed toward home users, experienced users and small businesses who want to save their time and concentrate on their clients. All users might need this type of software at some point, and this tool is definitely worth taken for a spin.