GS Auto Clicker Download

GS Auto Clicker is an application for automatically clicking the mouse buttons. What is it all about? With this lightweight program you can set a keyboard button to serve the functions specific for a certain mouse button.

The program allows also to set the number of click and the time span between them. GS Auto Clicker uses very limited system resources, which proves essential for the users of low-end computers. The application is highly recommended to all the users who want to save some time or speed up their working pace.

GS Auto Clicker has a user-friendly interface. There is a great button with a label "Press F8 to Click". As you can imagine, F8 is the default hotkey to turn on Gthe program, but by clicking the button on the interface you can pick up any hotkey that you like. The program may be also adjusted to keep on clicking until it is put to a halt, or to click a specific number of times. The application allows its users to also create macro sequences of clicks on various of the screen to be used repeatedly.

The program has no Help file, but since it is so easy in use anyone should have no problems with working it out.