Revo Uninstaller Download

Have you ever tried touninstall a software without using Add Remove Program tool? Revo Uninstaller is an uninstall utility with extra system clean-up tools that outgrows the ‘Add or Remove’ feature of Windows’ control panel. It not only uninstalls programs, but also removes additional leftovers from the computer’s registry.

Removing unnecessary software that you no longer use is important, since the footprint they leave on the system may result in sluggish computer performance. The standard uninstallation procedure removes programs, but leaves behind many leftovers that create a mess in the registry.

 When launching Revo you are greeted with the uninstaller screen, which displays a list of applications installed on your machine. From this point, you are allowed to select programs to be removed. There are three methods available, namely: Safe, the fastest one; Moderate which scans the most common places; and Advanced, the longest scan yet very extended. Once you scan process is completed, the program shows a list of leftovers, allowing you to choose which should be erased. Bear in mind, that sometimes you will be asked to reboot the system in order to delete all files.

Apart from its basic features for uninstalling programs, there are sorts of options to help you tweak your system. The Autorun Manager, for example,  controls programs that load as system reboot. Another cool function is the Track Cleaner which provides tools for cleaning browser history as well as MS Office and more.  The application also features the Hunter, a startup manager along with privacy cleaner for deleting Internet traces and more.  

All things considered, Revo Uninstaller offers all essential tools for eliminating nagging leftovers from the system, thus keeping it as free as can be.