VirtualBox Download

VirtualBox is a free program for virtually launching operating systems. It allows to start another operating system inside your main one. A virtual partition in a form of a file is created on your hard drive and your new operating system is installed in here. This way you can, for example, test a new version of Windows without having to install it actually and formatting your hard drive.

The program can be configured in a vast number of ways and when you set up a virtual machine you can optimize numerous options, such as the amount of shared RAM and the virtual partition's storage capacity. You can also connect your virtual system to the Internet, as well as share all the folders.

Throughout all the process of configuring a virtual machine you will be accompanied with a user-friendly wizard that will allow you to set up a virtual computer without having to acquire a lot of knowledge about all the technical details. After settings up the machine you only have to launch your virtual environment.

When working in a virtual system everything is the same as in case of traditionally installed environment. You can easily use full-screen mode. VirtualBox supports 3D acceleration thanks to OpenGL 2.0 and Direct3D 8/9 so both fluency and high quality are inevitably guaranteed. There is also the two-sided clipboard for your files if you want to copy a certain file from one system to another.

Yet another advantage of the program is the fact that it supports and allows to install virtualy any operating system, so it is a perfect choice for all the users who want to test a certain operating system or need to use a specific feature of that system. Virtual machines prove useful also when you need to create a tutorial for a certain operating system that you don't have installed on your PC permanently.