CyberLink YouCam Download

Nowadays more and more people use a webcam to engage in live conversations with their friends and family. Cyberlink YouCam unleashed new horizons for enhancing webcam experience. It empowers users with a rich collection of cool effects, gadgets and avatars.

Cyberlink YouCam is designed  to deliver several functions. First of all, you can it use it to make your  chatting experience funny, but it also offers a set of tools for creating presentations and tutorials. What is more, Cyberlink YouCam introduces your computer to a new level of security, by using facial-recognition algorithm to access PC and websites such as Facebook. Which means, you no longer need to remember usernames and passwords,  just look at your webcam and Face Login feature will log you into your computer.

The program cooperates with the most popular messaging clients, such as Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger.

The installation process takes a moderate amount of time, as it comes with an arrange of templates. It’s worth mentioning the fact that the installer offers the Google Toolbar, so extra care is required if you don’t  want  any third party tools.

When you first fire up the program, you are greeted with nicely-designed and stylish interface, followed by a side of  Visual Effects, area dedicated for the management and recorded videos. Under the Utilities tab, one can find Mirror feature, Video Surveillance and Face Login.

From the control panel, you can set off image effects, the presentation designer and other tools with face recognition.  All the effects incorporated in CyberLink YouCam are arranged into specific tabs. Some of these effects include Scenes, Frames, Gadgets, Avatars, Emoticons, and Distortions to name a few. They offer realistic backgrounds, tons of clipart, and funny effects like hats, fake beards, glasses and a drawing tool. You can even download a lot more effects from DirectZone for free. Of course, the results are applied in real time. Applying the effects is a real no- brainer, just select the one you want, and it loads.

One of the top features bundled into YouCam is the amazing augmented reality technology. With this function, one can interact with 3D virtual objects. Due to the support for HD video and TrueTheater enhancement feature, the effects in CyberLink YouCam can be fine-tuned and look more realistic.

Besides the fun part, with CyberLink YouCam you can create outstanding video presentations, tutorials, and keep control of your property thanks to video surveillance utility.

All in all, Cyberlink YouCam is a multi-purpose webcam software, that will spice up your chatting experience as well as come in handy for educational and security purposes.