VideoPad Video Editor Download

VideoPad Video Editor has been produced with the purpose of enabling users to edit video files.

The interface is simple, user-friendly and also similar in design to professional editors. It is arranged in several sections including Media List, Files, Clips, Transitions, Video and Audio Track which may give the impression of being tricky and hard to work with, but nothing further from the truth. In case of any difficulties the developer provides help file and video tutorials. In addition, VideoPad Video Editor does not put a lot of stress on system resources.

User can easily capture videos from webcam or camcorder, add files and sequence clips to the que and having done that, start the editing process. Having finished the project, and clicking Create Movie button, user can export it to a wide array of formats. Another advantage of VideoPad is the fact that it contains a collection of exporting presets, depending on the device you are creating the video for (PC, Mac, or mobile phone etc.)

There is a bunch of other features heaped into this modest application. VideoPad Video Editor also includes some video effects, mainly pertaining to light, color and text, such as brightness, crop, sepia, temperature. Audio effects i.e. chorus, compressor, flanger, reverb, distortion, can be applied as well. Besides, Videopad Video Editor lets its users record a narration. Among its prime features, there is a possibility to create bookmarks and subtitles, save video in the ÔÇťStereoscopic 3DÔÇŁ format, select Chrome Key color.

All in all, VideoPad Video Editor is the software that user can fire up and start making movies by applying its numerous functions. It is mainly suitable for rookies because experienced users may expect something more.