Windows Live Movie Maker Download

Windows Live Movie Maker is an easy-to-use video editing application that helps users turn photos, videos, music and special effects into slideshows thus create an eye-catching presentation in a few simple steps.

It is required to install Windows Live Movie Maker through the Essentials package installer. The application features nicely-designed AutoMovie themes, various visual effects such as Cinematic, Mirror, Motion and Fades, and multiple captions and credits.

Working with Windows Live Movie Maker is really a piece of cake. All you need to do is import the photos and videos you are going to use, choose the background music and add some titles and end credits if you want. There are plenty of video editing feature, for example you can fade songs, adjust the speed, split and trim videos. Your movies will look even more professional if you add to it transitions and animations.

Once you complete the task, you can save it in numerous formats and sizes, they can even be saved in HD format for TV screen or can convert to specific formats for mobile devices. It allows users to burn it to DVD discs. There is also an option to upload it directly to YouTube, Facebook, SkyDrive and Flickr. Unfortunately, Windows Live Movie Maker can save videos only to WMM format.

Overall, Windows Live Movie Maker is a great free application that combines an impressive collection of tools, allowing you to create professional compositions with your pictures and videos and share it with your friends.