TypingMaster Typing Test Download

These days, people are always in a hurry, and want to do everything to be done fast. When talking about typing, even employers require their workers to have a advanced typing capabilities.

TypingMaster Typing Test is an app that can help you improve your typing skills. The software features a nicely designed interface that can accommodate novice as well as more powerful users.
The app has the power to create multiple profiles, so that many users can use it separately. The program provides lots of sample texts concerning History of Photography, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and many other, but you can also add your TXT files.

Once you complete all the levels, you can print a diploma to acknowledge your achievements. The diploma comprises the text name, the date, time and duration of the test, the number of words you write in a minute, accuracy and net speed.

The typical session starts with a series of warm-up games. Some quick example are Clouds, Bubbles, Wordtris and ABC. The first one is all about typing words placed under the passing clouds, the second, on the other hand, enables you to pop bubbles with letters as they appear on the screen.
To conclude, TypingMaster Typing Test comes in handy if you want to learn to type faster and without errors. Since the application is extremely easy to use, it can be recommended to all types of users.