TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor Download

TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor is an interesting program for learning fast and effective typing on a keyboard, including numeric keyboard and all special characters. This program is a perfect training tool for those who want to boost their writing speed in an office or while typing scientific journals, etc.

TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor is not just long and boring learning - this application enables to study the art of typing even with enchanting games. The program is also equipped with an innovative module for monitoring user's improvement - you can check at any moment what elements you should work on and which of your fingers need more training.

Apart from forementioned features, you can check your overall average speed of typing and speed at which you hit certain keys. TypingMaster Pro Typing Tutor is an interesting program not only for beginners, but also for experienced programmers and journalists. Unfortunately, demonstrative version of the program is quite limited. Still this program is a good practice tool.