CursorFX Download

CursorFX is an easy to work with Windows tool that lets users change the default mouse cursor of the operating system with a new one and gives it a fresh look.

Some people may fear to use it as it changes a feature of the operating system, but in fact CursorFX is safe to use.

CursorFX features attractive and eye-catching interface. All the features are nicely organized, so that even beginners would find their way around quickly. You can find here options like “My Cursors”, “Effects”, “Trails”, “Sounds”, “More Cursors” and “Settings”.

Clicking “My Cursors”, a new window appears with hundreds of new cursors to choose from. If you like any of them just double click it or press the “Apply” button at the bottom. Each of them comes with its own package, for example fluid animations, smooth edges, or unique sizes.

When it comes to “Effects” window, it allows users to configure effects for a number of functions, these include left button down, left button double-click and so on. The “Settings” tab, on the other hand, offers even more options for customization.
cursor. So you can change the hue, brightness, contrast, and size, customize shadow and movement smoothness.

Of course, if you feel unsatisfied with the cursor included in the standard version, feel free to go the website and download nee ones.

All things considered, CursorFX is a nice tool that can easily improve the visual appearance and functionality of your cursor.