WinCalendar for Windows, Word & Excel Download

WinCalendar for Windows, Word & Excel is a software that provides users with plethora possibilities to organize all their important matters. It cooperates with Microsoft programs thanks to which it continuously extends the range of features.
WinCalendar comes with a wide array of features and templates that enable users to produce eye-candy and flexible calendars which can be employed to keep some notes or plan various events. Anyone who needs to get to grips with this program is provided with extensive Help file as well as wizards based calendar maker.
When installing this utility, it is required to close Word or Excel. When the process of installation is completed, the Help file’s ‘How Do I ?’ opens and provides users with links to most essential topics.
Apart from Register, About, and Help buttons, it is also equipped with two other controls such as Show WinCalendar and Calendar Maker. Regarding Calendar Marker, it is wizard-like tool which offers users a lot of bells and whistles. It provides access to a menu of templates in the Type and Date Range field, to Data & Format, to Size & Orientation, and to Options. The result of our work shows in a new Word document, however, WinCalendar also works well with Excel and brings comparable results.
All things considered, WinCalendar for Windows, Word & Excel is a great options for just about anyone who likes to be well-organized. It provides plenty of nifty features handled by all user levels.