Funny Photo Maker Download

Funny Photo Maker is an advanced program for processing digital photos. It has a clean interface that allows you to take full advantage of the available possibilities even for novice users. It is a good alternative to complicated programs like Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. It allows you to process photos, select effects, adjust the size and position, save and load the processed photos, and then share them on the network (Facebook, Twitter).

Funny Photo Maker is divided into several categories:

  • The first one, you can add a photo (you can use ready-made examples).
  • The second allows you to edit the photo (a number of different visual effects),
  • The third saves and allows you to upload the photo to social networking sites.
  • The fourth one is responsible for enlarging and reducing the size of the image.

In the edit tab, you can add the name and description of the photo, the text displayed on the photo (the ability to choose the font and color), graphic elements (choice from several categories and the function of adding your own), additional effects (including removing the red eye effect), as well as rotation vertically or horizontally.

The editing interface of Funny Photo Maker is divided into 3 extensive thematic categories:

  • Frames (posters, greeting cards, calendars, holidays, money, nature, movies, etc.)
  • Face Fun (adding faces on ready-made themes: e.g. animals, celebrities, events, movies, nature)
  • Art Filters (e.g. fog, bas-relief, wave, rain, snow, 3D mesh).

With the help of Funny Photo Maker, you can scale and save finished photos in BMP, JPEG, PNG or GIF animations.