Webcam Video Capture Download

Have you ever needed a program that captures video from a web camera or needed to create a tutorial for a friend ÔÇô if so, Webcam Video Capture is the ultimate choice. This program offers to capture video files and save them in an universal format that could be played later. All you need is a webcam that is built-in (in laptops) or connected via USB (PCs).

With its seemingly intuitive and minimalistic interface, Webcam Video Capture seems to be a user-friendly tool. In the upper part of a window buttons such as New Session, Record, Stop, Play, Settings, Help and Support can be found. More advanced settings can be accessed in the bottom part.

There are, however, some issues regarding the stability of the program and its reaction time, thus reinstalling the application may be necessary. Nevertheless, Webcam Video Capture is a versatile tool for capturing and sharing video files, and its 15-day-long trial period allows you to check out all its advantages and disadvantages.