Nokia PC Suite Download

If you own a Nokia phone, then Nokia Suite is a necessary add-on on your computer. It is a collection of tools, allowing users to transfer data from the mobile phone to the desktop, back up content from phones and generally improve your mobile experience. Supporting an impressive list of Nokia phones, the app is simple to use and install.

Nokia PC Suite combines pleasant and intuitive interface with a set of extra add-ons. It is easy to install, due to helpful wizards that guides users through the whole process step-by-step. The interface includes an array of  bright icons, offering quick access to some of its great features. Once a phone is connected, it displays its status in the left pane of the software.

Let me introduce you to some of its nifty features. The messaging function lets users write a text message and send it to friends from the address book. The synchronization and backup features, on the other hand, allows users to keep the important data stored on your Nokia phone secure. Another great feature is the video viewing and conversion. Thanks to it, one can easily convert any movie to the video format supported by Nokia phone.

The appear of some additional options makes it already a stand out app. Some of these options include the ability to synchronize PC calendars, back up and update the phone, install apps, access mail, maps, music and photo, contacts and more. All these can be performed either via Bluetooth or USB cable.  

All in all, Nokia PC Suite seems to be essential tool for all Nokia Phone owners offering pleasant mobile experience and functionality. Comprising tons of useful options lets users effortlessly manage their phones.