ePub to PDF Converter Download

ePub to PDF Converter is a unique program for converting files in ePub format do PDF, fast and easy in use. ePub is one of the newest formats on the market, but it's becoming increasingly popular over time and by and large it's turning as popular as PDF. Electronic Publications (ePub) is an open source format that allows to display ebooks, documents and presentations on mobile devices. This format is compatible with numerous programs and a vast variety of devices. Among its advantages is the fact that it automatically fits the device you're currently using, meaning that display size, font, etc. suits the size of the screen. Due to increasing popularity of ePub format among the publishers, this program is simply a must-have for all those people who browse new ebooks and publications.   

ePub to PDF Concerter has a user-friendly, colourful interface. The features that are accessible in the main menu allow to add, remove or clear the list of the files that are meant to be converted. Afterwards you just choose a destination folder, set PDF fitting (horizontal and vertical) along with the size of the screen that is available for numerous devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Cyberbook, aGriever, BeBook, WISEreader and PocketBook Pro. During the conversion you have an easy insight into information on tings such as conversion rate and error report.