Facebook Desktop Download

Facebook Desktop is a program that allows you to access your Facebook profile and to receive notifications about new events, status updates and messages from your friends without even opening the browser. Currentyl Facebook is not only one of the most popular social networks, but it is also the most addictive one. There are many people who spend (waste, let's put it clearly) their time on waiting for a new notification or a message. Facebook Desktop is a perfect solution for those of you who want to save their time but they don't want to get disconnected.

The interface of Facebook Desktop is very intuitive, and main menu is divided into two tabs. The first one allows to log into your Facebook account (you have to have an active account to do it), while the second allows to set some important preferences. The program can turn on with your system or only when you are online, it may display dedicated advertisements, and you can also set refreshing period (how often the program will inform you about new updates (every minute, every hour, etc.).

To launch the progam you need to have .NET Framework installed on your computer.