Super Ad Blocker Download

Super Ad Blocker has the name which pretty much explains its functionality. Basically it serves to block all kinds of advertising such as rich media, slide-ins, pop-ups, pop-unders, spyware, as well as adware and messenger ads. It blocks the number exceeding 1,000,000 of spyware applications and G-mail sponsored links. Spyware and Adware cause more than 90% of the pop-ups that appear on users PCs, spy what you do on the web and worst of all –they steal your passwords.

Moreover, the program is equipped with advanced privacy cleaning. It is updated automatically so by implication it is always up-to-date. What is more, it produces detailed and thorough statistics for the type and number of ads blocked as well as what site they come from. When an ad is blocked, the program plays an amusing sound. The tool sports a kernel level driver that has been tailored especially to help to find and remove rootkit infections.

All things considered, Super Ad Blocker is a comprehensive program that not only helps users to block unwelcome ads but also scans and removes harmful items. It definitely stands out of the crowd and is worth given a try.