Free Flac to MP3 Download

Free FLAC to MP3 is a freeware application that allows you to convert your collection of music library saved in lossless FLAC file format to popular MP3 format. The author of the program made sure that the program is possibly easy in use and intuitive, making using it fast, effective and pleasant.

The interface of the program is indeed very simple, even minimalistic - there is a traditional window, and you can find a simple toolbar within, with a list of files to be converted and a few rudimentary options. FLAC format sonds can be addes using an icon with a green plus or by simply dragging and dropping them directly from a directory folder to the window of the program. Further on you have to choose the folder in which you would like to save the file - you can either leave a default option (the song will be saved in the same folder as the source file) or you can pick a certain other destination folder.

Quality and format settings are quite limited - your files can be only converted, as the name of the program itself suggests - only to MP3 file format. The bookmark with settings allows to modify according to your needs the quality of sound by choosing a certain bitrate. There are no features for adding tags or cataloguing your music, but the application does however prove to be the ultimate choice for those users, who are looking for a lightweight, yet fast an effective converter for sporadically converting their music files, for exampleto copy them onto a device that does not support FLAC file format, or has a very limited memory storage capacity.