Stronghold 1 Download

Stronghold is a well-known real-time strategy that merges the elements of a battle game and economy game. It was created by FireFly studio.

Stronghold is set in medieval Europe. You become a Lord, the ruler of the fortress. You have to develop your stronghold and to conquer the other players by making right strategical decisions. To achieve your aim you will have to erect numerous building that will allow you to defend (towers, buildings, gates), obtain resources (orchards, hunters' homes, mines) and use them (bakeries), as well as create a strong army by creating barracks and military bases and later recruiting units.

With Stronghold you can choose among two types of campaigns: military or economical. In the first case there are 21 missions in which you will have to win against 4 opponents. In the economical mode you will find 5 missions that put an emphasis on developing your stronghold by attracting more people and collecting goods.

It is also possible to play in siege and invasion mode where you have to either defend or attack strongholds, castles and fortresses. There are also economical missions and free building mode. You can also face your opponents in the Internet by connecting in the multiplayer mode.

To play the game you have to purchase original Stronghold CD.