Plants vs Zombies Download

The market is crowded with tower strategy games which are filling casual portals like the iPhone and PC. However, PopCap, which is one of the best casual developers and publishers around, released Plants vs. Zombies, its first tower defense game which blows a fresh breathe into tower strategy game sector. Although it focuses on the basic mechanics in this genre, it touts charm, fun, and mobs of gameplay variety.

The game is all about growing an army of plants to destroy zombies which are creeping on your lawn Your garden is your last line of defense against the hordes of approaching cannibals. The game provides a great collection of plants at your disposal, including sun producing sunflowers, pea shooters that throw green balls, hot tamales that burn everything they meet on their path, and Venus zombie traps. Each level starts with a plain lawn, where you should plant various seeds in strategic locations to prevent the dead reach your door and eat your brain.
There are 48 kinds of plants with its own special skills and capabilities, and 26 different zombies. As you progress, your capabilities increase as well as your rivals. The game will keep you so involved so that you will be saying ‘just one more level’, time and time again. The game also provides a wide variety of gameplay styles together with fun mini-games like bowling, and puzzles, so you're always under pressure to keep playing.

The graphics are admirable and nicely designed, while the catchy soundtracks feature some cheerful effects that make you feel delighted. The combination of real time strategy and funky zombies is pretty resistless, since with Plants vs Zombies the fun never dies.