Little Fighter Download

Little Fighter 2 is a free platform game in typical hit-and-run style. The player chooses one among 24 characters, and each of them has some sort of special powers.

Your task is to defeat your opponent's team on a chosen map. According to what fighter you have picked up, you will be able to fight with your fists, a swords, a bow, and even with some magic spells. When you play there are numerous items scattered all over the map, such as elixirs that bring you some extra health, along with bottles with mana.

The game allows you to play in four modes, and these are:

Versus - a fight on an arena

Stage - a fight while moving on a map

Championship - a competition

Battle - you have to fight against all the opponents. When playing Little Fighter on one computer, up to four people can play simultaneously, while in case of Internet game up to eight people.

Little Fighter 2 has very little system requirements and therefore it can be installed and played on any computer, even a low-end netbook.