MediaGet Download

MediaGet is a program that allows its users to download various multimedia content and data using the increasingly popular BitTorrent network. With this program you can easily search, browse, download, tag and label and later browse any types of files - all from the level of the program.

When it comes to th display and functionality of MediaGet its users can work on a comfortable, simple and well-designed interface that allows even the beginning users - who haven't had any contact with the BitTorrent networks yet - to easily navigate it and use all the features. Additionally you don't have to know anything about the torrent-offering websites - the program comes with a search engine that makes it much easier to find in the Internet the content you are interested in.

After you have downloaded all the packages of files they are stored in a special library - the program puts all the files in order accordingly to their type and category (games, programs, music files, photos, films, and so on). The icing on the cake is a built-in multimedia player that allows you to listen to a song or watch a movie and, in case of bigger files (such as movie series) you can check whether the available copy fulfills all your requirements.