Android Reverse Tethering Download

Android Reverse Tethering is an application that allows to share your computer's Internet connection with an Android device via just a USB cable. It allows to easily share your Internet connection when you cannot connect to the Internet using your smartphone or tablet. The application requires a root.

The program is extremely easy to use. Once you have connected the smartphone and launched Android Reverse Tethering you have to pick up your device from the list, along with DNS servers that your Internet connection uses. Once you have chosen the connection and the device you can start tethering your Internet connection. To  do this click on the "Connect" button. The program will start installing all the most important materials on your Android device and after a while it will start tethering its connection.

You may have to give some priviliges to your rooted account. If there is such a need, then Superuser will display an appropriate message that asks you to give specific priviliges to it. In a smartphone you will have a new application installed called "USB Tunnel".