OpenOffice is an office suite that is freely available to anyone and which has modules of Word Processor, Spreadsheet Program, Presentation Manager and a Drawing Program and a HTML editor. It can be compared to other popular and not so free office suites and can be seen as a very good alternative for an office solution. is synonymous with quality
  • the roots of go back twenty years, creating a mature and powerful product
  • hundreds of thousands of users participated in the beta testing of version 2
  • independent reviewers around the world have recommended the product
  • with a fully open development process, has nothing to hide - the product stands or falls on its reputation is easy to use
  • the software looks and feels familiar and is instantly usable by anyone who has used a competitive product
  • it’s easy to change to - the software reads all major competitors’ files
  • few language barriers - if it’s not yet available in your language, the chances are it will be soon
  • is supported by a global community of friendly volunteers, only too happy to provide assistance to newcomers and advanced users alike is free software
  • you may download completely free of any licence fees
  • install it on as many PCs as you like
  • use it for any purpose - private, educational, government and public administration, commercial...
  • pass on copies free of charge to family, friends, students, employees, etc.