Ares Galaxy Download

File sharing programs tend to have similar approach and functionality since they are very specific apps, so they need an angle to stand out. Ares Galaxy differentiates itself by touting its clean interface and commercial-free environment. Contrary to its competitors, Ares Galaxy does not sport annoying adverts during runtime.

The major reason why users are flocking to it is fast download speed and enhanced file availability. Ares Galaxy lets you share any digital file such as images, audio, video, software, and documents. What is more, you can look for and download just about any media content, and even join chat rooms and talk to your friends.
Once you install the app, you will be greeted with simple interface, which can be customized with different skins. Among the best features about Ares Galaxy is the Search feature, which can be used to search for audio, video, image, document or other types of digital media. With Advanced Search section you can specify different criteria like Title, Author, Category, Date, Length or Resolution.

Another worth noting features is a Library Manager that lets you view your files and organize them according to their type: Audio, Image, Video, Document, Software and so on.

The built-in media player is able to preview the content in full screen mode during downloading, as well as create a custom playlists and even listen to Internet radio. As regards social advantages, Ares Glaxy lets you create chat rooms and chat with your friends from all over the world while downloading.
To conclude, Ares Galaxy is a worth checking out app for its huge database of virus-free files, friendly and intuitive interface.