Google Earth Download

Google Earth is an excellent software that takes its users on an extraordinary virtual journey around the world. It enables you to zoom in on any place in our planet and observe it on your screen. Google Earth provides satellite images, terrains, and 3D buildings. 2005 which is the year of release Google Earth on the market unleashed new horizons.

Google Earth brings a range of versatile features. It can not only be employed as a simple map, to find the right location but also it is helpful in finding accommodation or estimating the approximate time of arrival. Moreover, it contains an extensive library of layers, which can be included to any map to enhance your experience. Some of them are elementary including roads, borders, 3D buildings and more.

What is more, Google Earth incorporates a couple of features that most users are unaware of the fact they occur. Firstly, it includes simple flight simulator, thanks to which users can fly over various areas. If you want to take a advantage of it, you will need to have a joystick. Secondly, it is not only restricted to terrain because there is a Sky Mode, which enables users to gaze at the stars. The star charts are stunning because they use real images to reproduce the sky. In a result, users can view various constellations. In addition, there is an unique chance for users to stroll on Mars or Moon. Another smashing feature is Historical Imaginary which allows users to travel in time and see the development of different places.

Over the years, Google Earth still succeeds to take up a moderate of system resources while constantly enhancing the quality of images.

The interface is intuitive and nice. Navigation tools enable users to move smoothly between different locations and views.

All in all, Google Earth is a stand-out application that offers users endless possibilities. Over the past few years travelling has become a matter of few easy clicks.