Camtasia Studio Download

Camtasia Studio is a type of screen-capture recording and editing video software. This tool brings almost all the features needed to produce videos with decent quality. It provides a large number of output formats.
The user interface is intuitive, good looking and very user-friendly. The stupendous amount of features does not hinder even novice users to use this application. Besides, rookies are provided with video tutorials in case of any trouble. The interface is arranged in well-defined areas. The top-right corner is occupied by editing and production options.

What makes Camtasia Studio a stand out is the impressive number of powerful features.
First of all, there is a built-in tool used to record images from your screen. Different users recording settings can be adjusted including adding cursor effects, grabbing the image source from webcam, or recording audio. Plus, users can choose if they want to work using the whole screen or only a defined area.
The second stage follows when users finish recording and is connected with editing. Users can play around with numerous features. They can add some text thanks to on-screen text captions, or use transition effects to make their videos more stunning. The Clip Bin and the Library help users to choose media files to employ on their videos. However, taken into account the audio editor, it allows only for levelling volume, reducing or optimizing voice and nothing more.

The production is the final stage and involves choosing one of the presets in the Production Wizard. The software will assist users in selecting suitable codec, size, resolution and will generate the video. It even enables users to export it to YouTube, or devices like phones, tablets, DVDs.
It is also important to call a few improvements like the ability of Camtasia to group or ungroup items or to add visual effects on the timeline. Moreover, it has the capacity for customizing Drop Shadow distance, direction, opacity, and blur.
All in all, Camtasia Studio is first-rate software for video producing and editing. The number of features crammed in this software is mind boggling and will surely appease every type of user. The only glitch included in this software is the basic audio editor, by the way there is nothing else to assail.